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15 Years Old & Operating Sound for Thousands2 min read

By: Stefan T.

Before I knew God, I was immature and rude. My most common hangout spot in school was the discipline master’s office! After school, all I did was play video games for up to 7 hours.⁣

Then when I was 12, my sister asked me to follow her to Heart of God church. During my first service, I felt peace fill my heart and accepted Jesus into my life!⁣

I realised I was not being a great son at home and wanted to change! I started helping out around the house. When my mum saw me holding the broom doing housework, she nearly had a heart attack!⁣

Soon, I joined the Sound Ministry! I had no skills, yet my leaders patiently trained me from scratch. They met me for hours at a time, teaching me not just the technical skills, but also the heart behind serving.⁣

Stefan and his trainer, Choong Kai running drills at the Sound Console

Now at 15, I am the youngest Front of House sound engineer, putting together everything you hear in service for thousands of people!⁣

I was an immature boy with no purpose. But God changed my life and gave me big dreams for Him!⁣

15-year-old Stefan with the soundboard he commandeers during service

Stefan’s view from the Sound Console

God has an amazing destiny and future for each of us. He can move in your life too!

Flip it around! Read about the life of one of Stefan’s trainers in the Sound Ministry, Choong Kai.

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