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A 38-year-old family business was wiped out in months, but help arrived within a day3 min read

2020 was a tough year for many. To curb the spread of Covid-19, Singapore announced that we would be going into Circuit Breaker on 7 April. The livelihood and businesses of many Singaporeans were affected.

The Circuit Breaker was finally lifted two months later, but things weren’t looking good for the family business run by Winson’s parents…

Winson and his friends from church

Family business shuttered…

After struggling to keep the business afloat, Winson’s parents had a tough call to make. Left with little choice, they broke the news… Their 38-year-old business would close its doors for good. 

Before Winson could let the news sink in, the reality of the family’s ongoing household expenses hit him. How would they pay for their bills without an income? As a university student, his tuition fees were not a small sum either. Worried, Winson decided that he would take up part-time jobs to help. 

Winson also shared with his connect group leader about the burden and his plan to juggle both work and his studies in the upcoming semester.

A weight lifted off Winson’s shoulders

The story of Winson’s family situation reached the Heart Community Services (HCS) team. When our pastors heard about it, they wanted to make sure help would reach Winson and family right away.

The HCS team shared with Winson that our pastors and the church would like to help him and his family during this tough time.

Within 24 hours, the HCS team met Winson and shared with him the news. Through the Scholarship and Opportunity Fund, Winson would receive a monthly allowance and have a semester of school fees covered till the end of the year! 

Our pastors wanted to make sure Winson could spend the time to focus on doing well in school instead of worrying about finances.

Winson dropping off the cheque from church for his university school fees.

When Winson shared the news with his family, they were relieved.

He said, “With this money, the huge burden, worry and uncertainty were lifted off my parents’ and my shoulders. When we received the money, my non-religious father even prayed with me to thank God. I’m so glad that HCS gave me an opportunity for my family to know God!”

Winson and youths from Heart of God Church

Winson continued, “I will forever remember how help came in my time of crisis. Now I can’t wait for the day that I get to give back to the place that first invested, believed, and helped me…”

Photos courtesy of Winson.

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