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These siblings travelled from Malaysia to Singapore every week for church, then Covid-19 struck2 min read

Elliot and Eliora knew everything there was about long-distance travelling. On days they served in church, they would wake up at 4am to complete a 4-hour journey from Malaysia – just to reach church by 8am.

Snapshot of the travelling route for Elliot and Eliora

Little did they know how the Covid-19 pandemic would change everything.

Upheaval due to Covid-19

As countries started to restrict entry into their borders, Elliot and Eliora’s family had to leave Malaysia to live in Singapore, as work and school were here. In a whirlwind of change, they decided to bunk in with their relatives for the time being. 

The family of seven moved in but was faced with a lack of space. As online learnings and meetings became more frequent, the siblings found themselves without WiFi or room to make their calls.

How the church community blessed Elliot and Eliora

When the church found out the situation Elliot and Eliora were in, they placed them on the church’s Scholarship and Opportunity Fund. It gave them a monthly allowance to help with their finances. 

It was also during this period that Elliot’s phone stopped working. Now, no one could hear him during online meetings. As soon as the Heart Community Services (HCS) team knew about it, they sent Elliot a new phone that came through the church’s HCS donation drive.

Elliot received a new phone through Heart Community Services

A place to call home

In less than a year, the family shifted five times just to find a place to settle in. Beyond all the aid that Elliot and Eliora had received, our pastors and the church also wanted to provide a conducive environment for the siblings to live in. 

That is when Elliot and Eliora moved the very last time into their respective homes. 

“The Homely Place” – a shared space where youth like Elliot and Eliora can call home, and a place where they would not have to fight for space any longer.

Elliot stays with the guys in one location while Eliora stays with the girls in another.

Elliot and Eliora at The Homely Place

Want to know more? Hear the story from the siblings themselves:

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Gifs and photos courtesy of Heart of God Church.

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