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Our church members struggled amidst Covid-19, so we raised $900,000 to help them2 min read

Heart Community Services (HCS) was set up by Heart of God Church as a way to provide financial aid to youths in need. 

Last year, because of the generous donations by HOGC members, HCS was able to give out $900,000 in aid. $700,000 to 235 members and their families who were affected by the pandemic, and an additional $200,000 in scholarships.

The church was so glad to provide both spiritual and practical help to our members in a time of need.

Read some of their encouraging stories below.

$2 was all he had in his wallet for emergencies, we knew we had to help

16-year-old Jessel gives the camera a beaming smile as he sits down to share his story with us!

Growing up, Jessel’s family struggled to make ends meet. On some days, he only had $2 for emergencies. 

Through HCS and its Scholarship and Opportunity Fund, Jessel was given the help he needed and a home makeover! 

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These siblings travelled from Malaysia to Singapore every week for church, then Covid-19 struck

Eliora and Elliot

Elliot and Eliora knew everything there was about long-distance travelling. On days they served in church, they would wake up at 4am to complete a 4-hour journey from Malaysia – just to reach church by 8am.

Little did they know that when the borders were closed, their entire family of seven had to squeeze into a living room in Singapore. The siblings did not have a proper place to call home, then HCS reached out.

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A 38-year-old family business was wiped out in months, but help arrived within a day

Winson and his friends from church

During the Circuit Breaker in 2020, Winson’s parents’ business was badly affected and they soon had to shut down the business. How would they pay for their bills without an income?

When HOGC pastors heard the news, within 24 hours, they arranged for the HCS team to help the family. 

Winson said, “When we received the money, my non-religious father even prayed with me to thank God.”

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