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Open Letter From A Singaporean Youth: Christian Or Muslim – We Are Stronger Together5 min read

By: T. Zhong Yi

I was meeting my Muslim brothers at Khalid Mosque the day news broke that a self-radicalised 16-year-old Singaporean youth had been detained. I can’t imagine the pain and disbelief his family and his church are dealing with…

I was at the mosque the day news about the self-radicalised 16-year-old Singaporean youth broke.

This hits close to home. It’s exactly what my friends and I have been working together to prevent. 

Just recently, a few of us from Heart of God Church and Khalid Mosque met up to brainstorm our next interfaith initiative.

In fact, we’ve been building a platform to help youths initiate more ground-up interfaith events.

This was us celebrating when we won a grant of up to $50,000 from President Halimah Yacob to make this idea a reality.

My teammates, Alex and Iman, jointly submitted their perspective to The Straits Times’ Forum too.

This is our hope – that young people of all religions come together to do good for their community.

For the last 5 years, members from HOGC and Khalid Mosque have banded together to support students taking their major exams.

This incident highlights the importance of the interfaith projects we’ve been running together.

It always warms our hearts to see youths of different faiths connecting with one another.

As my pastor, Pastor How, puts it “We need to build bridges, not walls”. We are stronger together.

Read the full article here.

This is so important because HOGC shares common spaces with neighbouring mosques and temples in Geylang Serai.

We’re thankful to have leaders from various religious organisations in our Geylang Serai community show their support.

Our friendship began with a common goal – unite together to save lives and serve our community.

It’s been 5 years of holding joint blood donation drives. Join us the next time. Each bag of blood can save 3 lives!
We were glad to have Dr Maliki Osman join us to distribute medical supplies to the elderly in the South-East CDC district. 

We share great memories together too.

Like enjoying this great plate of Briyani together.
Having a ball of a time at our interfaith soccer friendly.
We invited each other into our places of worship. A group of us had an insightful learning journey at Khadijah Mosque.
We opened up our HOGC doors to the community and rang in the new year together too!

A lot can happen when you start to build bridges and not walls.

So to all the youths out there, take part. There’s so much we can do together.

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