The buzz in Heart of God Church always goes up a notch during the school holidays. As a youth here in HOGC, I have never caught myself feeling bored! Here are my personal highlights from this June holiday.

I used to be very results-driven in the way I taught my students. But after I listened to the Academic Excellence messages and heard about the fruits of the programme, my approach to teaching started to change.

For six whole months, every dollar we saved, Pastor How would match it with another dollar. I’m so impacted and touched that Ps How is still doing the same for youths who come from a similar background as me.

Heart of God Church (Singapore) at The International Conference on Cohesive Societies (ICCS)

“In this world of tensions, conflicts and extremism, Singaporeans cannot take our Social Cohesion for granted.” - Pastor How In recent years, it has been increasingly important to not isolate or insulate ourselves from our neighbours because of differences in origin or faith. Instead, we must deliberately build a relationship of trust and cooperation, forging a shared identity. The previous…