By S. Yan Yun

In Heart of God Church, we don’t have a Cantonese-speaking congregation. However, the need for Cantonese interpreters and translators became evident when we started SCHK last year.

So, over the past year, our leaders have been creating opportunities and platforms to train our Cantonese interpreters, Joya and Ingrid.

Joya, one of our Cantonese interpreters, in action

Twice a month, Joya and Ingrid translate the entire service in Cantonese. Our leader in the Global team, Dominic, then listens in and debriefs them.

One of our Cantonese-speaking leaders in the Global Team, Dominic, debriefs the team

Earlier this year, Ingrid joined a mission team that followed Pastor Charleston on a Hong Kong preaching trip. There, Ingrid interpreted the testimonies (life stories) on stage for the first time!

IMAGE 2019-07-22 7:32:26 PM
Ingrid interpreting a life story sharing in Hong Kong

Pastor How also thought of ways to help Joya build her confidence. During this year’s HoGcX, Joya translated segments in the sessions live on stage.

IMAGE 2019-07-22 7:32:33 PM
Joya interpreting during HoGcX

These opportunities mean the world to both of them. Ingrid shared: “Our church can easily hire a professional interpreter. But Pastors wanted to build and develop me so that I can grow as a person.”

IMAGE 2019-07-22 7:32:30 PM
Ingrid in action

It has only been a year, but with all the belief and training invested in them, they’re more than ready to hold their own. They’re all ready for Strong Church Conference Hong Kong!

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