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Strong Church Hong Kong shifted gears on Day 2, the first full day of our conference. Today, the pastors and leaders were given an insider's look at some of our ministries, received spiritual wisdom on faithfulness and leadership from Pastor Garrett and our first generation of leaders. They were also reignited with a stirring message at Pastor Lia's evening session, "Origin of Generations".

Today, all 212 team members of the Strong Church Conference Hong Kong 2019 set off from Singapore in five different flight paths. Months, weeks and days of preparation came down to the final hours before Day 1 of the conference...

An annual trip sends a team of teachers from HeartKidz to Destiny Grace Home (DGH), an orphanage in Yangon Myanmar supported by Heart of God Church, to spark joy in the lives of their occupants. Read about what went down!

Leaving sanitised Singapore, this Heart of God church team of 80 would soon find themselves caught in the heart of the slums, being the hands and feet of Jesus.

On 28 September 2018, an earthquake struck the Minahasa Peninsula, triggering a tsunami that devastated a vast track of this seemingly obscure Indonesian territory. HOGC subsequently sent a team to Palu, a city hit by the tsunami, providing aid to those affected.

Lailenpiโ€”a remote mountain village in Myanmar, home to 3000 people. It takes four days to drive to Lailenpi from the nearest city. As such, villagers with urgent medical needs are unable to get help in time. The best solution? Build an airstrip. Heart of God Church (HOGC) embarked on our most physically demanding mission trip yet. Together with Missions Aviation…

From 13 May-17 May, Heart of God Church sent a team of four to Nepal for disaster relief. The team was made up of our missions director Martin Wong, our fulltime staff Colin Chia and two doctors from our church, Dr. Wee Jia Yan and Dr. Leonard Leng. Our team began their operations in the Sindhupalchok district, next to the…