During his university days, Jordan loved photography. His photos were even made into posters and featured in exhibitions. Despite his success, he couldn't shake the emptiness on the inside. Listen to how God transformed Jordan's passion in photography into his purpose in life!

Jared had always based his security on success, but realised that it was only a facade when things took a turn for the worst. Listen to Jared's story of how he found both success and significance in God.

Riady was born with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects muscle coordination. This means that activities such as writing, walking and speaking are not easy tasks for him. Watch this video to see how Riady rose above these challenges to become an undergraduate in Nanyang Technological University.

“Why are you always talking about God? Why do you always ask me to go to church??” This is Joyce Ng's (@jwanting) story of how God completely transformed her life! 💛Watch this video as Joyce shares her encounter with God and why she decided to take the step of faith to say YES to Jesus. 😊