Leaving sanitised Singapore, this Heart of God church team of 80 would soon find themselves caught in the heart of the slums, being the hands and feet of Jesus.

REPORT TRANSCRIPT: Religious organisations in Singapore say one important way to safeguard peace and harmony is by collaborating with other faiths. Nisha Rahim finds out how some are doing this. This 77-year-old temple in Toa Payoh is unique as it houses a medical clinic catering to all. This Chinese medical clinic offers free medical treatment like acupuncture, regardless of ethnic…

Why do the young people of Heart of God Church spend so much time there? What do they do? These questions may cross the minds of parents with youths attending HOGC.

As the service went on, to our surprise… we discover the service was run entirely by youth! Teenagers from the age of 14 to 18 ran it from start to end — the sound, lights, videos, projections, worship, dance and more!